1. Good sum up of different concurrency models in Java with real-life examples



  3. Even cooler than the previous post.


  4. Generation of colors that match is hard. There’s a whole theory behind that. This tool will help you to generate the whole palette given only one base color.


  5. This is a great tool to use for building learning material for other developers.



  7. Great write up about different algorithms for fuzzy text search and spelling checker



  9. If you are suffering from the control over native D’n’D mechanism of html5, read this.


  10. It’s 21 Century But We Still Measure Driving Experience By Years


    Your driving experience is measured by the elapsed years from the moment of obtaining the license. But I can get a license and start real driving only, lets say, in 5 years when I can afford a car. So, my official driving experience is 5 years but the real one is completely different.

    Driving experience is very strong social construct that takes part in many spheres. The cost of your car insurance considers your age and driving exp. In Israel, for instance, it’s prohibited to drink a bottle of beer if you’re a ‘young drive’ - with driving license issued for less than 2 years.


    The driving experience can be measured differently - by the mileage. By the distance you - as a driver - actually covered. As a result, it doesn’t matter when the person got the driving license but when she started actual driving.

    Technical Realization

    The technical implementation involves two parts: the chipped driving license on one hand, and car’s driving license reader (device) on the other.

    The car’s driving license reader is a third-party device that is attached to the car. It accepts the driving license and its main purpose is to write the covered mileage of the current trip into the memory on the driving license chip. It might also serve as a recognition device to allow to start car’s engine. This might help prevent car theft.

    The driving license with embedded chips is not a novel idea. But its application is different in this case. The license will store covered distance by the owner. Thus representing the accurate driving experience of a person.

    Of course, it makes a difference driving inside the city or outside. So, the driving exp calculation might also take into consideration those facts.

    Future Implications

    The possible future implications are numerous.

    • More accurate driving experience will allow better pricing for the car insurance.

    • Car’s reader will prevent car theft since it might not start without driving license.

    • The calculation of time and covered distance will provide the information of average speed per trip that might be used by the police


  11. Might be useful library for crating rich shortcut support functionality.


  12. User Selection Manifesto

    The great vast part of front-end developers had to write selection mechanisms either as part of the widget or some framework. It’s not very complicated but contains many tiny details that have to pay attention. Otherwise, user feels that something is off but can’t put the finger on exactly what’s wrong. Usually, users expect the same selection behavior as in OS that they are using.

    The purpose of this manifesto is to highlight points that have to be implemented to provide the selection that “feels right”.

    1. Mouse left button click makes selection. If something previously has been selected, it becomes unselected.
    2. Mouse right button changes selection on the clicked item if it’s not already selected. If the click is made on the selected items, the event has no impact (besides opening context menu if necessary).
    3. Pressed ctrl key and mouse left button click make multiple selection of items. If the click is made on already selected item, it should be deselected.
    4. Pressed shift key and mouse left button select everything from lastly clicked item up to currently clicked one.
    5. Pressed shift and A keys make everything selected. Note, that browsers do not allow override reserved keys combinations (ctrl+a is a reserved browser shortcut for select all).
    6. Arrows up and down (left and right) move the single (and only) selection in the corresponding direction.


  13. Bootstrap is very simple, yet powerful. As a consequence, very popular. people want to use it but still want to look unique. 
    Bootstrap themes allow configure the most popular UI framework, be different but still efficient.


  14. Creating Read-Only Reference to Object in JavaScript

    Use Case

    Let’s say we have an object with data, and two modules that have reference to it. Can we make that it would be prohibited to one of the modules to modify the existing data object?

    Read More


  15. Data structures is the important, fundamental part, of the computer science. Unfortunately, not many JS developers bother to learn them. This is a great resource that might help to visualize the work of a simple linked list, and more complicated structures like trees including algorithms on them like BFS or DFS.